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FOX News
Nov 4, 2013 8:00am PST
at los angeles international airport. alleged shooter paul has apparently told police he acted alone. he is under armed guard at a los angeles hospital. he is facing hurt chars for the death of tsa agent. gerardo hernandez, a father of two. the only tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. the terrifying moments were caught on video by a photographer with "tmz." you can see passengers running for their lives. we'll speak to an eyewitness. first we go to adam housley live at los angeles international airport with more. adam? >> reporter: that agent hernandez is being remembered here as someone nice, always smiled, a father, a husband. here in los angeles it has been quite a few days as you might imagine. people here are very upset about what happened. a lot of coworkers here whether they knew him or not feeling for him and his family. they already have a couple of memorials. as you come into lax if you have not been here before, there are a couple of pillars they have, four or five out front a art project that sets off the airport and they change colors. in honor of him they were illu
FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 8:00am PDT
that part of los angeles airport has been evacuated because of an unknown incident. part of terminal three, in fact, terminal three we understand has been evacuated. not a lot of details, however, you know, passengers have reported that they have been kicked out of terminal three. these are live pictures coming into us now. you can see a tsa agent there in the royal blue shirt and a couple of, apparently, law enforcement officers assisting him. we don't, again, have a great deal of information. this is about 45 minutes ago all started, and you can see from the body language that they're moving pretty quickly. jenna: he's holding up his hand, it's hard to tell if he's injured, but it's difficult to know from this vantage point, we're seeing exactly what you're seeing as well, this is our live shot from our affiliate out there. there have been some reports of shots fired, but we have nothing officially on the record, so it's difficult to understand the circumstances. but we do have reports from passengers that they have been evacuated from the terminal. quite early out there, 9:45 in the mor
FOX News
Nov 15, 2013 8:00am PST
. >> reporter: you bet. jon: right now new information on the deadly shooting at los angeles international airport two weeks ago. when gerardo hernandez became the first tsa agent killed in the line of duty. there are report that is it took 33 minutes to get medical attention to him even though he was just 20 feet from an exit. police had the suspect in custody a few minutes after he was shot. according to the new reports paramedics had to wait for police to declare the area safe. a final report on all of this could take months. jenna: a dramatic rescue caught on camera. take a look at this. some good samaritans pulling a woman from her car seconds before it sank into a pond in florida. the car was quickly filling with water as the woman tried to tell 911 dispatchers where she was and what happened. that is when a group with a truck backed into the water around pulled the woman to safety. she calls them her guardian angels. even more importantly with the rescue, she can't swim, jon, they really came in the nick of time. jon: boy, that is a lucky timing, yeah. >>> the search is underway in
FOX News
Nov 19, 2013 8:00am PST
conducted by the los angeles core row another. the exam upper states that britney's father wanted testing based on the symptoms of britney and her husband, simon mon jack. he died from same causes five months later. high levels of heavy metals in rat poisons and insecticides, suggesting that britney and simon could have been murdered. we reached out to the l.a. county coroner's office and according to the chief of operations the coroner has no plan to open the investigation into the deaths of miss murphy and mr. monjack and stands by our conclusions an opinion. the additional testing was conducted at the request of mr. berlotti we have not supporting documentation from any party and have not been able to review the information circulating around the media. her father said she was not anorexic or on drugs at the time she died. at the time of her death, he said i will not rest until the truth of about these tragic events are told. we reached out to the los angeles police department to find out whether they will reopen a investigation, criminal investigation. we're awasting word from them as
FOX News
Nov 29, 2013 9:00am PST
and i didn't make the big celebration. maur own and doreen and norine. she was here from los angeles and her beautiful daughter summer. and they were here visiting with her husband and this is maureen, yesterday we had a chance to wish each other a great thanksgiving and i think the smart one is norine because she is in florida. >> i wondered why you didn't want to cough on your friends and family at thanksgiving and more than willing to come out and hang out with me. >> you never take a day off. it is a mystery skchlt just a short time ago. there was kind of a very interesting situation a comet zoomed past the sun but did it remain intact? >> the guy we are going to talk to about is col. there is a bizarre case of a couple who tried to return their son years after adopting him. we'll be right back. >> return a child. what are you talking about. is there a return to sender stamp on those children? . >> now a ohio couple is facing charges for trying to return their 19-year-old son to child service. the couple claimed he was threatening them with a combiechlt prosecutors say children d
FOX News
Nov 5, 2013 8:00am PST
right before the shooting. will carr has more on that live in los angeles. >> hi, jon. first time we're hearing from one of the t.s.a. agents who was shot during this rampage. tony grisby was shot twice, once in the foot while trying to save an elderly man during the shooting and he came out and he said that he's not looking for fame. he's not looking for glory. instead what he wants everyone to remember is hernandez, the t.s.a. agent who was shot and killed. >> only now it has hit me that i will never see him again. he was a wonderful person and a friend and i will miss him. >> obviously emotional. grisby plans to return to the t.s.a. after he recovers. according to a search warrant, ciancia had a handwritten note that said he wanted to kill a number of t.s.a. employees. authorities say ciancia took a rifle into terminal three at l.a.x. shot his way past security. some are calling for more armed guards at the airport. at the same time, the chief of police at l.a.x. says he's not sure that anything really could have been done to stop ciancia. they recently changed to a roaming patro
FOX News
Nov 26, 2013 8:00am PST
're flying into los angeles where thewet's going to be -- weather's going to be beautiful. jenna: it's been wild, some of the stories that have come out from different states. big question or fir a lot of our viewers, do they cancel their trip? try to get on a different flight? what seems to be some of solutions that are available? >> well, this is the busiest travel season of the year, so the options are limited, unfortunately. however, a lot of the airlines do have waiver codes in place, so if you can travel on a day other than today or tomorrow like maybe thursday morning, i know that's not the best time for a lot of people, but thursday really is going to be a great day when it comes to weather, and it also is going to be a good day for travel because not a lot of people do travel. you would really insure you actually would get to your destination a lot easier. jenna: you don't want to miss the stuffing, that's my favorite part. are you staying put in chicago? is that where you stay for the holiday? >> absolutely. i'm staying here in chicago for the holiday. jenna: all right. well, you
FOX News
Nov 27, 2013 8:00am PST
simply lack merit. live in los angeles with more. >> i just got off the phone with his lawyer saying o.j. simpson is disheartened but his fight for a new trial isn't over yet. surveillance cameras caught simpson and the crew heading to a room with the station palace hotel and intend on retreating football, jerseys and family photos. according to simpson, his original lawyer told him he had every right to go there and take back his things which were originally stolen from a storage locker. the whole thing got bungled, after a trial simpson was sent to jail. going for a do over in a weeklong hearing last may, simpson claimed he squandered the more than half million dollars he paid for his defense and his new defense team argued his handled the case so badly simpson should get a new trial but after spending five months considering 22 claims of legal malpractice, the judge did not buy it claiming it had proven he was mr. presented, went mad if he the overwhelming evidence, neither the errors in the case of the errors collectively cause the question in of the validity of his correction. if
FOX News
Nov 7, 2013 8:00am PST
los angeles. adam, you're hearing that lawmakers could finally get those answers next week's house intelligence committee hearing? >> reporter: you know, harris from our reporting we've all been asking for answers trying to find the answers over the course of last 14 months. there are a number of hearings with the hill primarily with staff that night but lawmakers are frustrated because they haven't gotten access to survivors. we have spoken to survivors during the course of our reporting, a lot of survivors say they have been threatened and intimidated and don't want to come forward and it would affect their families and livelihoods. will politician from california has the answers and providing the questions for next week's hearing take a listen. >> the largest question is was there really a lull in the fighting which then, you know the administration's line is, because of this lull, that's why they decided not to send in additional help. i'm not sure that's true. >> reporter: they're also questions of course, harris about air support. whether or not witnesses have been indim tate
FOX News
Nov 8, 2013 8:00am PST
that. >>> and los angeles international airport preparing to hold a moment of silence in honor of tsa officer gerardo hernandez, the father of two murdered in cold blood during last week's senseless rampage. he is the first tsa officer ever killed in the line of duty. hundreds of airports across the country are joining in that tribute. so there i was again, explaining my moderate to severe chronic plaque psoas to another new stylist. it was a total earrassment. and t the kind of attention wanted. so i had a serus talk with my dermatologt about my treatment options. this time, she prescribed humira-adalimumab. humira helps tclear the surface of my skin by actuallrking inside my body. in clinical trials, most adults with moderatekin to severe plaque psoriasis saw 75% skin clearance. and the majority of people were clear or almost clear in just 4 months. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal events, such as infections, lymphoma, or other types of cancer have happened. blood, liver and nervous system problems, serious allergic
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10